Weight loss salad

Weight loss salad

Weight loss salad: In just 15 minutes, make this light-heated delicious creamy salad

Weight loss salad: make this tasty and creamy low-calorie salad that is great to taste.

Weight loss: Salads are one of the most satisfying alternatives for meals, particularly if you are on a diet of weight loss. While we’re trying to keep a calorie watch, we realise that salads are the best supper. Although we may have difficulty adapting to your taste, it becomes simple to obtain the correct texture, taste, and combination when we locate the flavours we can play with. And if we grow used to it, a healthy salad bowl actually becomes a meal!

Salads are considered to be low in calories, whether they are prepared from veggies or fruits. It is also rich in dietary fibre, improves cardiac, helps to lose weight and improves immunity!

We have a salad dish for you today, which is not only low in calories but creamy too! Yes, that’s true – a creamy salad with few calories. Now we know you have to worry about how low in calories a cream salad may be, but trust us, that is. You can always discover the right solutions to make your favourite dish healthy. So indulge yourself without guilt in this creamy salad.

Recipe: How to Make Creamy Salad without Cream Weight Loss Salad

In a bowl, first, add a thick hanging curd or curd. Then add salt, powdered chilli, pepper and tastefully chat masala. Mix it till you combine all the flavours.

Then add the onions, carrots, lettuce, peas, paneer, cherry tomatoes or other optional vegetables. Combine and have fun.

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