Is it possible to lose weight while avoiding sugar

Is it possible to lose weight while avoiding sugar

Is it possible to lose weight while avoiding sugar?

Is it possible to lose weight while avoiding sugar: When it comes to losing weight, you probably already know that following a low-sugar diet is one of the most effective methods.

Despite the fact that a teaspoon of sugar has just 16 calories, which is not much, the amount consumed rises since sugar is included in many meals and beverages that we consume on a daily basis.

Sugar may be found in a variety of meals, including junk food, sweet foods, colas, sodas, and even fruits. Cutting sugar from your diet allows you to eat fewer calories and, as a result, lose weight more quickly.

For comparison, a cake doughnut has 74.2 calories just from added sugar, whereas a can of soda contains 132.5 calories solely from added sugar, according to the American Heart Association.

In particular, sugary beverages and sodas have a high concentration of calories derived from sugar, and eating more calories than you expend results in weight gain as a result of this.

The calorie content of a teaspoon of sugar is 16 calories, as we previously said. As a result, if you exclude from your daily diet items and beverages that contain roughly 10 teaspoons of sugar, you will consume 160 calories fewer each day.

This equates to 1120 fewer calories over the course of a week. If you do this for three weeks in conjunction with regular physical exercise, you will easily lose half a kg.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you must expend about 3500 calories in order to shed approximately one kilogram of body weight. As a result, burning 1120 calories will assist you in losing half a kg.

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