Instructions on how to lose weight effectively

Instructions on how to lose weight effectively

A yellow water bottle may assist you in your weight loss efforts.

Instructions on how to lose weight effectively: It is the vibrational energy of a specific colour that is absorbed by water stored in a coloured container when it is exposed to direct sunshine.

Solarizing or energising water is the term used to describe this process. This water may be consumed or used for bathing in order to enjoy the advantages of the specific colour.

Weight reduction is an unexpected advantage of drinking solarized water that has a certain colour. Continue reading to learn about the advantages of various colours of solarized water, including the one colour that may be utilised to aid in weight reduction.

Instructions on how to make:

With the aid of a rubber band, attach the colour filter of choice to the glass. Fill the glass halfway with mineral water and cover the top with a muslin or cotton towel to keep the bugs out.

Put this glass in direct sunshine. Instead of using a coloured filter, you may use coloured glass; however, the colour should be strong enough and should not be light in shadow in this instance.

What is the length of time it takes for the water to get solarized?

This is dependent on how powerful the sun is; for example, in the summer, the procedure may take just a few hours, while in the winter, the process may take a whole day.

For up to five hours, solarized water may be stored in the refrigerator. Oils may also be solarized in a similar manner and then utilised for massage purposes later on in the day.

Colour may help you lose weight.

Because various colours are associated with different functions, the colour yellow is associated with weight reduction.

The colour yellow is believed to be a weight-corrective colour because of its lightness.
This colour may be achieved by using a yellow colour tumbler or a yellow colour filter to solarize water with this colour.

You may consume a glass of solarized yellow water half an hour before each meal to assist in weight reduction efforts.

Not only weight loss, but yellow colour also helps to cleanse your skin, prevent urine infection, helps in concentration, increases alertness and works as a laxative.

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